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Krum High School

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Tennis Info/Expectations



  1. Be prompt to practice and matches/tournaments
  2. Must attend practices to play in matches (doctors/dentist appointments, sickness/injuries, shared participation in other school activities are the only exceptions)
  3. Practice like you play, give 100% always
  4. Be coachable
  5. Be respectful of your teammates
  6. Pick up after yourself at home and away facilities (This includes balls)
  7. Do not leave matches/tournaments before the rest of the team finishes.  Be supportive of your team.
  8. Be self motivated.  Practice hard and effectively even when you are not doing drills with the coach.

Challenge Matches:

Challenge Matches is how you determine your overall rank on the tennis team.  A challenge match will be an 8 game pro-set with ad. A middle school challenge match will consist of one set to 6 with no ad scoring.  Any player may challenge the teammate ranked directly above them on the ladder.  The challenged player must accept unless they are hurt or there is a time constraint for some reason.  As long as a player wins a challenge match, they can challenge the next player in line on the ladder the next day.  However, if a player loses a challenge they issued, they must wait until the next calendar month before they can challenge again.

If a player gets hurt, must leave or quit for any reason once a challenge match has begun, they forfeit that match.

Varsity teams will take the top 7 guys and girls to matches during the Fall team tennis season and the top 8 guys and girls during the Spring individual tennis season.  JV will constitute everyone that did not qualify for varsity.