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Angela Borchardt (L-Z)
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I am excited to begin my fifth year as a Krum High School counselor! I incredibly grateful to be able to spend my days working with our students as they grow into young adults and navigate their paths through high school and beyond.  The path I have traveled in life that led me to school counseling has been a winding one, but I feel this gives me a unique perspective when guiding students on college and career options.  I spent my childhood in Allen, Texas except for my freshman year of high school in which I lived in Southern California.  After graduating from Allen High School, I attended both the University of North Texas and Texas Woman's University, changing my major along the way and ultimately graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from TWU. 

It was as a college student that I developed a love for learning, and once I began my career as an accountant I realized how much I enjoyed the pursuit of knowledge and missed being in a classroom.  I knew then that the best outlet for my passion for education was to share it with others as a teacher.  So, after taking time to stay home after my youngest daughter's birth, I began my journey to become a teacher. 

First, I became a substitute teacher for Krum ISD.  My time as a substitute teacher provided me with valuable experience, because during the almost two years I subbed for this district I was able to visit all Krum ISD campuses and many different classrooms.  This enabled me to learn from every teacher that I subbed for.  You can gain insight and knowledge from a teacher by spending a day in his or her shoes, and I was able to do that from so many great teachers at Krum ISD! 

While working as a substitute teacher in Krum, I also attended Texas Woman's University and earned a Master's of Arts in Teaching and a 4-8 Generalist teacher certification.  The MAT program was not the fastest or easiest route available to me to become a teacher, but for me it was the best route.  The challenging and comprehensive graduate level coursework of the MAT program provided me the tools and resources I needed to best serve my students.  I also student taught in Sanger ISD at Butterfield Elementary and Sanger Sixth Grade Center as a part of the MAT program.  As a student teacher, I was able to learn from two knowledgeable and experienced teachers that I will forever be grateful to for sharing their classrooms with me. 

After earning a Master's degree on May 14, 2011, I was hired to be a 7th grade English teacher at Krum Middle School for the 2011-2012 school year. I loved it!  As most teachers will tell you, the first year teaching is filled with challenges, but it was also incredibly rewarding and validated for me that I had found my calling in education.  The next year I taught 7th grade math and continued to grow as an educator and hone my skills as a teacher.  During my third year of teaching at Krum Middle School, I also completed the Graduate School Counselor Certification Program at Angelo State University and earned my K-12 School Counselor Certification.  The following year, I became a school counselor at Krum Middle School and worked along side Mrs. Teri Wall, who I also completed my school counselor internship with the previous semester.  My first year as a school counselor included the challenges that come with learning a new role, but with those challenges came the satisfaction of doing a job everyday that I knew helped students fully reach their academic potential.   

The next year I made the jump to Krum High School.  The professional experiences I have had as a high school counselor has been the most challenging and rewarding for me, because this the time in a student's life when college and career plans become a reality.  I take my role during this pivotal time in a student's life very seriously and strive to do my best for our students and their families everyday.  I am so thankful I am a part of this team of teachers, staff and administrators that work everyday to provide the absolute best education for our students.  I am continuously impressed and inspired by the students I build relationships with as they navigate through their teenage years and young adult hood.  I am so excited to continue this journey with our students and am confident that this school year will be the best one yet!  

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have, so that I can support your student.  

Angela Borchardt