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STEM Endorsement Plan

Potential Careers in STEM


Climate Change Analyst; Marine Biologist; Emergency Management Specialist; Environmental Compliance Inspector; Environmental Scientist; Geographer; Geoscientist; Hydrologist; Industrial Health & Safety Engineer; Meteorologist; Park Ranger; Science Manager; Soil and Water Conservationist; Soil Scientist:  Medical Scientist; Biophysicist; Biochemist; Chemist; Physicist; Atmospheric Scientist; Materials Scientist; Astronomer; Biological Scientist


Software Developer; Computer Systems Analyst; Web Developer; Information Security Analyst; Database Administrator; Civil Engineer; Mechanical Engineer; IT Manager; Computer Programer; Computer Systems Administrator


Civil Engineer; Mechanical Engineer; Biomedical Engineer; Architect; Electrical Engineer; Environmental Engineer; Industrial Engineer; Landscape Architect; Petroleum Engineer


Actuary; Budget Analyst; Economist; Financial Analyst; Mathematician; Statistician; Operations Research Analyst; Finance Officer; Accountant; Certified Public Accountant; Cryptographer; Mathematics Professor; Person Finance Advisor