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Business & Industry Endorsement

Careers in Business & Industry Endorsement


Agriculture Banker; Agronomist; Agriculture Research Services Scientist; Commodity Trader; Extension Specialist; Farmer; Horticulture Specialist; Irrigation Specialist; Plant Pathologist; Production Supervisor; Ranger; Turf Manager; USDA Grader/Inspector; Farm Supply Manager

Architecture and Construction

Architectural and Civil Engineer; Building Services Technician; HVAC/HVACR Technician; Commercial Carpenter; Underwater Welder  

Audio/Visual Technology, Communications

Graphic Designer; Videographer; Photographer; Animation Artist; Animation Technical Director; Television/Film Production Manager

Management and Finance

Debt Counselor; Economist; Entrepreneur; Meeting and Convention Planer; Marketing Manager; Personal Finance Advisor;
Training and Development Specialist

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Air Traffic Controller; Airline Pilot; Fleet Manager; Flight Attendant; Health and Safety Manager; Dispatcher