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Arts & Humanities Endorsement

Potential Careers in Arts & Humanities

Fine Arts/Performing Arts

Actor; Painter; Graphic Designer; Fashion Photographer; Web Designer; Art Gallery Curator; Sculptor; Film Director; Set Designer; Comic Book Artist; Film Critic; Advertising Designer; Animator; Choreographer; Dancer; Musician; Record Producer; Music Therapist; Radio Personality; Stage Manager; Director of Photography; Photojournalist; Fashion Designer; Novel Author; Ghost Writer

Foreign Language/Cultural Studies

Translator; Immigration and Customs Criminal Investigator; Interpreter; International Journalist; Public Relations Specialist; United Nations Worker; Foreign Diplomat; International Lawyer; Central Intelligence Agency Officer; Homeland Security Officer; Military Intelligence Officer

Social Studies/Political Science/History

Legislator; Political Advisor; State or Federal Worker; Election Officer; Municipal Administrator; Legislative Aide; Attorney; Activist, Advocate/Organizer; Archivist; Executive Campaign Operative; City Planner; Systems Analyst; Teacher; University Administrator; University Professor; Urban Policy Planner; Pollster; Public Affairs; Research Analyst; Public Opinion Analyst; Publisher