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black and white image shows krum blue graduation robes with students looking into the distance and text overlay that reads krum high school class of 2022 graduation may 26 at 2pm at denton bible church

Senior 2022 Important Items


  • Finalized on May 16th-Work will NOT be taken on or after this day 
  •  5/13 (Friday): Teachers and Admin will be informing students who will not be walking at graduation. 


  • May 17th: Senior Night and Academic Awards (6:30 pm @ KHS PAC) 
  • May 17th: Seniors can buy Chromebooks from Mr. Quy for $25.00 
  • May 23rd: Senior Walk at EEC, Dyer, Dodd and KMS (more details to follow) May 24th: Senior Breakfast (8:30 am @ Krum United Methodist Church)
  •  May 25th: Rehearsal for Graduation (10:00 am @ Denton Bible Church)
    •  All Students MUST Attend 
    • Must be in dress code (face shaved, no facial piercings, hair is cut and a natural color, etc) 
    • Wear the shoes you will wear on graduation day (break them in) 
  • May 26th: GRADUATION!!! 

Items Due: 

  • KHS 2022 Senior Survey-Please complete this form by April 19th. This information is used to prepare for Senior Night and Graduation. KHS 2022 Senior Survey 
  • Graduation Contract-Due to Mrs. Riney by May 2nd 
  • Turn in a baby picture to Mrs. Riney by May 2nd. 
  • Scholarship information must be turned in by Thursday, April 28th. 
  • Fees paid (library, lunch, etc) 

Items To Take Care of NOW: 

  • COMPLETE the FAFSA-This is a graduation requirement. Complete the opt-out form if you do not want to complete the FAFSA
    •  (Opt-out form available in the KHS counseling office.) 
  • ATTENDANCE-Come to school every day!! Attend Saturday school if needed to recover credit. Bring a Dr. note to Mrs. Beall in the front office if you miss school due to illness.  
  • GRADES-complete and turn in all work that is assigned to you. Correct any grades below a 70 to improve your grade. Go to tutorials and ask your teachers for help if needed. 
  • Dress Code (face shaved, no facial piercings, hair is cut and a natural color, etc) 
    • Dress Code will be checked at each Senior event, and you must be in dress code to attend (with or without a mask on).