High School Schedule

Fall Tennis Schedule for 2019
Date Team   Opponent   Site Time
Aug 9 V   Denton Ryan   Home 9:00
Aug 15 V   Graham   Home 4:00
Aug 29 V   Bowie   Bowie HS 4:00
Sept 3 V   Anna   Anna HS 4:00
Sept 5 JV   Anna   Home 4:00
Sept 10 V   Argyle   Argyle HS 4:00
Sept 12 JV   Argyle   Home 4:00
Sept 17 V   Whitesboro   Home 4:00
Sept 24 V   Melissa   Home 4:00
Sept 26 JV   Melissa   Anna HS 4:00
Oct 1 V   Decatur   Decatur HS 4:00
Oct 15 V   Denton High   Denton High 4:30
Oct 17 JV   Denton High   Home 4:30
Nov 6 JV   Denton Ryan Tourny   Ryan HS 8:00
Sorry for the inconvenience.  I made a mistake and switched around the varsity and JV dates for our district matches.  The problem has been corrected and this schedule accurately represents our district tennis dates.
Jon Lopez