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Competitive Events

The Workplace Skills Assessment Program is an integral part of Business Professionals of America. The goal of the program is to provide all business students with the opportunity to demonstrate workplace skills learned through business education curriculua. Students will:

Demonstrate occuational competencies
Broaden knowledge, skills, and attitudes
Expand leadership and human relation skills
Demonstate a competitive spirit
Receive recognition


Financial Services

Fundamental Accounting
Advanced Accounting
Computerized Accounting
Payroll Accounting
Spreadsheet Applictions & Analysis
Banking & Finance
Financial Analyst Team
Economic Research Project—Individual (S)
Economic Research Project—Team (S)
Financial Math & Analysis—Open Event
Insurance Concepts—Open Event

Administrative Support

Keyboarding Production
Fundamental Word Processing Skills
Advanced Word Processing Skills
Integrated Office Applications
Desktop Publishing
Basic Office Systems & Procedures
Advanced Office Systems & Procedures
Legal Office Procedures
Medical Office Procedures
Database Applications
Administrative Support Team
Administrative Support Research Project—Ind. (S)
Medical Transcription (P)
Administrative Support Concepts—Open Event

Information Technology

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Computer Security
Fundamentals of XHTML
Digital Media Production
Network Design Team
Web Site Design Team
Web Application Team
Video Production Team
Software Engineering Team
Information Technology Concepts—Open Event
C++ Programming
VB.Net Programming
JAVA Programming
Microsoft Network Administration
Novell Network Administration
Cisco Network Administration

Management/Marketing/Human Resources

Global Marketing Team (S)
Small Business Management Team
Graphic Design Promotion
Interview Skills
Advanced Interview Skills
Extemporaneous Speech
Human Resource Management
Prepared Speech
Presentation Management—Individual
Presentation Management—Team
Parliamentary Procedure Team (S)
Management/Marketing/Human Resources Concepts—Open Event
Parliamentary Procedure Concepts—Open Event