Mark Your Calendar!

2022-2023 Scheduling

January 20th @ 6:30 p.m.- Live Virtual Parent Scheduling Presentation

KHS 22-23 Academic Planning Guide posted to KHS website after virtual parent meeting

January 25th-Rising Sophomore 22-23 Scheduling Meeting

January 26th-Rising Junior 22-23 Scheduling Meeting

January 27th-Rising Senior 22-23 Scheduling Meeting

January 27th- Dual Credit Student Meeting

February 1st-Sophomore Course Input

February 2nd- Junior Course Input

February 3rd- Senior Course Input

February- Rising Freshman 22-23 Parent Meeting

(Location and date/time TBA)

February 7th - Rising Freshman Elective Presentation @ KMS during advisory

February 9th- Rising Freshman Student Presentation @ KHS

February 22nd- February 25th-Rising Freshmen will input 22-23 course requests @ KMS

May 25th- Last day for any student to change schedule request



Course Selection Cards
Scheduling Presentations