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FFA Officer Application is now posted, Applications are due April 3
The Krum FFA Parents and Friends Club Scholarship Application is now posted.  Please see the link on the side panel.  All applications must be turned in to an agricultural science teacher by Friday, April 3, 2020.
The Lonnie Thompson Memorial Scholarship will be posted soon.
DCLA evetns cancled
March 24, 2020
The decision has been unanimously made by the DCLA board to cancel all 2020 Denton County Livestock Association Youth Fair Shows, Activities and Auction.
This is not a decision that came lightly to the board, but our concern for the health and safety of our participants and our community are our highest priority during this unprecedented time. Please understand the DCLA Board of Directors will continue to plan and pursue ways to support the exhibitors of the Denton County. We will now turn our focus to fundraising and offering resale opportunities for those exhibitors who need that service.
Several emails will be sent out tomorrow with more information on the next steps and answers to your questions.
But here is what we can tell you at this point:
· We will have an exhibitor letter ready to be sent in the next day or so to help answer all questions.
· Entry Fees – Entry fees will not be refunded. At this time, the majority of the show expenses (awards) have been paid. The board voted to have a reduced entry fee in 2021. Each exhibitor will receive their exhibitor t-shirt. These will be delivered to the ag teachers and extension office for distribution in the near future.
· Disposition of Animals: We have several options for the disposition of market animals. We are allowing you to floor animals that were entered to show at DCLA, Houston and Austin. We are asking you to complete the following form to give us some more information to plan and coordinate. This form needs to be completed NO LATER THAN APRIL 3rd.

DCLA Youth Fair Market Animal Disposition

o Option 1: Resale your animal to the floor. We have secured a floor or market for steer, swine, sheep, goats, and broiler exhibitors. Floor checks will be sent to the exhibitor direct like in year’s past. Steer Floor prices will be set once we have a count of how many steers. We will not be holding any commission from the floor price.
Floor Prices
Steers – TBD once we have a count.
Swine - $0.16/lb.,
Sheep - $1.40/lb.,
Goats - $2.20/lb,
Broilers - $5/bird
o Option 2: Donate to the Cattle Ministry. The Cattle Ministry can accept a limited number of steers and hogs for processing. Exhibitors will not receive any funds but a tax donation letter.
Currently, we are working on a disposition time and central location for the options above. We realize that schools are not allowed to use school resources and will have board members and volunteers available to pick up animals around the county.
Junior Exhibitor Stipend
To recognize the efforts, dedication, and hard work of our exhibitors, the DCLA board is developing a Junior Exhibitor Stipend for 2020. The details of this stipend are being finalized and will be released shortly. We are asking our community buyers that generally attend the Youth Fair Auction to contribute. The stipend will be split by the percentage of total exhibitors by the club or chapter. Each chapter will receive a total amount to be disbursed at the local level. 100% of all donations will go back to the kids.
Several emails will be sent out tomorrow with more information on the next steps and answers to your questions.