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Welcome 2021-2022! My focus in the classroom will be Sociology / Psychology and World Geography. We are going to experience many new "things" during this school year. Some of these new things will be for the safety and well being of all involved in the educational process. Some new things will be lasting memories that we will share with those that come after us. Whatever the challenges know that we will get through this together. 
"When your why is strong enough, you will figure out how." Bill Walsh 
You can reach me through Email:  [email protected] , or phone: 940-482-2601
Classes will meet in room 123. I will be sharing a room this year with Science. If you need me during a conference period I will be in my other office at the Field House. 
Before School ATHLETICS
1st 8-8:45 Athletics
2nd 8:50-9:35 World Geography
Academic Advisory 9:40-10:15
3rd 10:20-11:05 Sociology / Psychology
4th 11:10-11:55 Conference
B Lunch 11:55-12:25
5th 12:30-1:15 Conference
6th 1:20-2:05 World Geography
7th 2:10-2:55 World Geography
8th 3:00-3:45 Athletics
After School ATHLETICS