KHS English Teacher Mrs. Buchanan Awarded Grant

Anyone who has ever met Mrs. Buchanan knows that she LOVES books; but she loves teaching her students to love books even more. Back in October, Mrs. Buchanan entered to win a grant through the national nonprofit organization First Book, which provides funds and books to educators in schools. This organization is able to do this work thanks to partnering with businesses, like What-a-Burger- the partner involved in this particular grant. You may have heard about First Book this past summer, when The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon teamed up with the organization to launch a summer reading program. Viewers voted to make Children of Blood and Bone by author Tomi Adeyemi as the book of the summer. Because of that, Mrs. Buchanan was able to purchase multiple copies of the novel at discounted prices to give out to her students for leisure reading.


This grant awarded Mrs. Buchanan $1,000 to spend with First Book to purchase more novels and books not only for her classroom, but for other classrooms at Krum High School as well. Fellow English teachers at KHS come to Mrs. Buchanan’s class to borrow books from her library for their students. Mrs. Buchanan plans to set up a committee of students to make the decisions as to what books to purchase. She’ll take volunteers first, and then seek out the students who learned to love reading with her guidance and support.


“Kids will tell me ‘I’m not a reader’, and I tell them ‘You’re just not a reader yet’,” she says. “It’s all about finding the style and type of book you like, and then building from there.” Everyone can agree that $1,000 will certainly help furnish a wide variety of books to capture the interest of every student that hasn’t yet discovered they are a reader.