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Students Make All-Region Honor Band

Congratulations to KHS Students who made the 2018 All-Region Honor Band!
Landry Hanson, Flute, Concert Band, 4th Chair
Kira Pierson, Flute, Concert Band, 6th Chair
Erin May, Flute, Concert Band, 10th Chair
Ashlyn Brown, Bb Clarinet, Concert Band, 7th Chair
Daniela Pedraza, Bb Clarinet, Concert Band, 13th Chair
Lexi Lerma, Bass Clarinet, Symphonic Band, 1st Chair* - Area
Abby Wimmer, Bassoon, Symphonic Band, 2nd Chair* - Area
Caitlyn Muckensturm, Bassoon, Alternate, 5th Chair
Brandon Corey, Alto Saxophone, Alternate, 7th Chair
Ethan McDaniel, Trumpet, Concert Band, 1st Chair
Logan Ripple, Trumpet, Concert Band, 2nd Chair
Jane Stoermer, Trumpet, Concert Band, 9th Chair
Matthew Gelsthorpe, Trumpet, Alternate, 19th Chair
Spencer Counts, French Horn, Concert Band, 2nd Chair
Justin Kragh, Trombone, Concert Band, 2nd Chair* - Area
Miguel Bello, Trombone, Concert Band, 4th Chair
Brooke Jensen, Trombone, Concert Band, 5th Chair
Colton Cherryholmes, Trombone, Concert Band, 6th Chair
Aaron Kern, Tuba, Symphonic Band, 2nd Chair* - Area
Sandy Pedraza, Tuba, Concert Band, 1st Chair* - Area
Allie Lackey, Percussion, Concert Band, 1st Chair
Cameron Corey, Percussion, Concert Band, 7th Chair
Jacob Dixon, Percussion, Alternate, 17th Chair
Gabriel Vieira, Percussion, Alternate, 18th Chair