KHS Musicians Place Into Region Band

Saturday, December 3 the Krum Band competed at the Region 2 Region Band Auditions. Krum Band students represented Krum ISD proudly earning 40 seats in the Region 2 All-Region Band. This is a new record for Krum. and we are so proud of this accomplishment. Of the 40 students earning positions in the band, 20 students also advance to the Area round of competition on January 7. This is also a new record for the Krum Band. The Region Band Clinic and Concert is at Ranchview High School on January 12 & 13. Below is a list of students and their placements.
Other notable accomplishments from this competition:
· The school with the second most students to make the band is Aubrey with 29
· The Krum High School Band will represent about 25% of the entire Region Band
· The Krum High School Band will represent about 70% of the region at the Area contest
· There will be a minimum of 69 high school and middle school student from Krum ISD performing in the HS and MS All-Region Band Clinic and Concert
· Krum ISD HS & MS students will represent almost 25% of the entire region band
All-Region Band Members
Kenadee Campbell – Symphonic Band – Area
Logan John – Symphonic Band – Area
Emmalee Yeager – Concert Band
Yaretzzy Lucero – Concert Band
Mabry Griffin – Symphonic Band – Area
Tyler Love – Concert Band
Addison Kilmer – Symphonic Band – Area
Madison Cooley – Symphonic Band – Area
Christopher Lucero – Symphonic Band
Bailey Chism – Concert Band
Wendolyn Arriaga – Concert Band
Olivia Pratt – Concert Band
Kyley White – Symphonic Band – Area
Paige Welch – Symphonic Band – Area
Isabella Cook – Concert Band
William Henderson – Symphonic Band – Area
Parker Cole – Symphonic Band – Area
Ethan Stoermer – Symphonic Band – Area
Diego Ortiz – Symphonic Band – Area
Dane Hadsall – Concert Band
Ryan Germany – Concert Band
Cooper Janczak – Symphonic Band – Area
Alex Mullins – Symphonic Band – Area
Amanda White – Concert Band
Luke Osborn – Concert Band
Dylan Newcomb – Symphonic Band – Area
Dalton Newcomb – Symphonic Band – Area
Michael Segars – Concert Band
Jake Cato – Concert Band
Nathan DuVall – Symphonic Band – Area
Sean Bindley – Concert Band – Area
Tegan Braley – Symphonic Band – Area
Zachary Paul – Concert Band
Carter Wilson – Symphonic Band – Area
Will Lombard – Symphonic Band
Hudson Cook – Concert Band
James Hadsall – Concert Band
Blessing Martinez – Concert Band
Benjamin Rezentes – Concert Band
Jolee Webb – Concert Band – Area
1st Alternates
Cameron Mays
Rachel Paddack
Samantha Cochran