KHS Educator Awarded National Grant

Krum High School English teacher Melinda Buchanan is one of 66 educators across the nation to receive a grant from the Book Love Foundation to purchase books for their classroom library. Since 2013, the Book Love Foundation has given away $500,000 in grants to teachers who work to create a lasting love of reading in all students.


The Book Love Foundation stated that the “2019 grant winners are extraordinary teachers who work at local, state, and national levels to inspire their colleagues. If you have any doubt about engaging today’s busy students in reading, these teachers will convince you it is not about time, and not about technology, but it is about putting the best books you can into students’ hands and then giving them time to read them. Every one of these teachers is on the path to creating a future generation of readers.” We at Krum ISD know that is certainly true about Mrs. Buchanan! 


Mrs. Buchanan has been teaching for 21 years and just finished her third year at Krum High School. She has always been committed to providing reading choice for her students. Over the summer, Mrs. Buchanan curates a stack of books for each of her incoming freshman based on a survey they take at the end of their 8th-grade year. She helps her students connect with authors of young adult books by facilitating author/student connections, including a trip to the North Texas Teen Book Festival. Her reach goes beyond the classroom, connecting with students during the summer and working with parents to encourage a reading life at home.