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Krum High School

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U.I.L. Coaches/Events & Information/Websites


 http:// (Official U.I.L. Accounting Website)

 http://  (Sample Test)

 http:// (Bank of Archived Exams to Study/Practice)


http:// (Official U.I.L. Mathematics Website)

http:// (Math Comments)

http://  (Sample Test/Key)

Number Sense

http:// (Official U.I.L. Number Sense Website)

http:// (Corrections)

http:// (Problem Sequencing-on H.S. Test!)

http:// (Sample Test/Key)

Calculator Applications 

http:// (Official U.I.L. Calculator Website)

http://  (Sample Test)

http:// (Study List)

http:// (Study List Answers)

Computer Applications 

http:// (Official U.I.L. Computer Applications Website)

 http://  (Computer Applications Handbook)

 http://  (Computer Applications FAQs)

http:// (Computer Exercises)

Computer Science 

http:// (Official U.I.L. Computer Science Website)

http:// (Current Topic List)

 http://  (Sample Test)

 http:// (Scoring)

Current Issues 

http:// (Weekly News Quiz)

 http:// (Official U.I.L. Current Issues Website)

 http://  (Sample Test)

 http:// (Scoring Rubric)

 http:// (Source 1: New York Times)

 http://  (Source 2: Times)

 http://  (Source 3: BBC)

 http://  (Source 4: Reuters)

 http://  (Source 5: PBS)

 http:// (Source 6: The Week)


http:// (Official U.I.L. Journalism Website)

http://  (Judging Criteria)

http:// (Editorial Writing Overview)

http://  (Editorial Writing Rubric)

http://  (Feature Writing Overview)

http:// (Feature Writing Rubric)

http://  (Headline Writing Overview)

http:// (Headline Writing Rubric)

http://  (News Writing Overview)

http:// (News Writing Rubric)

http:// (Resources for Writing)

http:// (Advice for Journalism)

http:// (Journalism Links)

http://  (Resources for Journalism Students)

http:// (Journalism resources)

Literary Criticism

http:// (Official U.I.L Literary Criticism Website)

 http:// (Sample Test)

http:// (Reading List)

Reading Writing

http:// (Official U.I.L. Ready Writing Website)

http:// (Sample Prompts)


http:// (Official U.I.L. Science Website)

http://  (Periodic Table/Reference Chart)

Social Studies

http:// (Official U.I.L. Social Studies Website)

http:// (Book List)

Spelling and Vocabulary

http:// (Official U.I.L. Spelling and Vocabulary Website)

http://  (Sample Test)

S&D: Informative & Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking 

 http:// (Central Website)

http://  (Ethos, Logos, Pathos)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate 

http:// (Official U.I.L. Debate Website)

http:// (Spring Topic)

http:// (Judging Criteria)

http://  (Contest Rules)

Cross-Examination Team/Debate 

http:// (Topic Debate)

http:// (Criteria for judging)


http:// (Official U.I.L. Poetry/Prose Website)

http:// (Prose Categories)

http:// (Poetry Categories)

http:// (Contest Rules-Prose and Poetry)